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  • The COMPASS Collaboration has appointed a committee supervising publications related to the COMPASS experiments.

    PubCom members:

    M. Faessler (since 07/2015, 3rd term)
    A. Guskov (since 06/2017, 2nd term)
    N. d'Hose (since 02/2018, 2nd term)
    F. Kunne (since 02/2017, 2nd term)
    B. Parsamyan  (since 12/2019, 1st term), chair
    C. Quintans (since 11/2018, 1st term)
    C. Riedl (since 11/2018, 1st term)
    V. Andrieux ex officio as analysis coordinator

    Sharing of tasks:
    Hadron M. Faessler, A. Guskov
    Longitudinal muon F. Kunne, B. Parsamyan
    Transverse muon B. Parsamyan, C. Quintans
    Unpolarized muon F. Kunne, B. Parsamyan
    Drell Yan B. Parsamyan, C. Quintans, C. Riedl
    GPD N. d'Hose, C. Riedl

    Guide lines for plots:
    Guide lines 08.10.2014

    Please send mail to PubCom e-mail.

    Before publishing read the COMPASS publication policy, updated 7th of April, 2016, explaining the rules to follow.