Transparencies of the

COMPASS Seminars

26May2017Mikhail A. Ivanaov Pion polarizabilities in ChPT
24March2017Clara Matteuzzi A proposal for measuring μ+e -> μ+e scattering
23November2016Anselm Vossen Hadronization Studies in e+e- annihilation at Belle
22November2016Ekaterina Christova Tests for Boer-Mulders, Sivers and transversity distributions in SIDIS
13October2016Xavier Artru String model of quark fragmentation
15September2016Hubert Spiesberger Radiative Corrections for COMPASS
9December2015Johannes Blümlein The Polarized Bjorken Sum Rule: Differential and Integral
28August2015Hrayr Matevosyan Quark hadronization in NJL-jet model
16April2015Fiorenza Donato Cosmic rays, antimatter, dark matter: the need for cross section data
20September2013Jean-Philippe Lansberg After@LHC: a fixed target experiment at LHC
17September2013Dimiter Stamenov Fragmentation functions for SIDIS
26July2013Elke Aschenauer eRHIC: the machine to image quarks and gluons
7May2013Cheng-Ju Lin Status of the neutron production experiment proposal
6March2013Terry Sloan RolandFest; 30 years of muon beam physics at CERN
8February2013Anna Stasto LHeC, Large Hadron electron Collider Project
7September2012Dimiter Stamenov NLO QCD results for the new pion and kaon fragmentation functions
7September2012Wen-Chen Chang Unpolarized Drell-Yan at COMPASS
20April2012Dmitri Peshekhonov Spin physics at NICA (JINR)
29March2012Harut Avakian Studies of GPDs and TMDs at JLab
8March2012Elliot Leader On the new relation between transverse angular momentum and GPD
6August2010Silvia Dalla Torre Status and perspectives of gaseous photon detectors
19July2010Bernd Surrow First results of W± boson production in high-energy polarized p+p collisions at RHIC at BNL
21February2008Boris Ermolaev Spin structure function g1 at small Q2 and the recent COMPASS data
29June2007Jacques Soffer New developments in the statistical approach of parton distributions
20March2006Ralf Seidl Chiral-odd Fragmentation Functions at Belle
9March2006Davide Reggiani The HERMES H/D Polarized Gas Target
15December2005Xiangdong Ji Opportunies in Nucleon Spin Physics
22November2004Andrey Arbuzov On Radiative Corrections to Polarized DIS
8September2004Kay Königsmann A Search for Axions from the Sky
5August2004Sandro Bravar RHIC SPIN: recent progress and future prospects
8July2004Susanne Hellwig Study of the D*slow double-tagging method in charm analyses at H1
26June2003Christine A. Aidala Recent spin results from Phenix
12June2003Sandro Bravar RHIC SPIN: an update        

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