Future Physics @ COMPASS

CERN, 26-27 September 2002

Front matter
S. Dalla Torre The COMPASS Spectrometer: Status and Performance
A. Magnon Prospects for the COMPASS 'Muon' Programme
S. Godfrey The Phenomenology of Glueball and Hybrid Mesons
C. McNeile Exotics and Glueballs on the Lattice
W. Dünnweber Experimental Status of Exotics
S. Donskov Central Production of Exotics
V. Dorofeev Simulation of the eta-pi Diffractive Production and Detection at COMPASS
M. Moinester Hybrid Meson Production via Pion Scattering from Nuclear Coulomb Field
P. Cooper Doubly Charmed Baryons
J.-M. Richard Double Charm Physics
L. Schmitt et al. Doubly Charmed Baryons in Compass
J. Gasser Recent Calculations in Chiral Perturbation Theory
M. Colantoni et al. Measurements of Pion and Kaon Polarizability @ COMPASS
M. Anselmino Transversity and Lambda Polarization
A. Kotzinian Lambda Production in COMPASS
M. Diehl Introduction to Generalized Parton Distributions
N. d'Hose et al. Possible Measurements of GPDs at COMPASS
List of Participants