Shifts for the 2020 Dry-Run

This year, due to the pandemic restrictions, shifts are scheduled with 2 shifters local and 2 remote shifters. The local shifts take place in the control room 892/R-D10 in building 892 from 09h00 to 13h00 (morning) and from 13h00 to 17h00 (afternoon) during week days. No night shifts neither weekends are foreseen.
Each shifter must have followed a training shift before starting his/her own shifts.
Please check the requirements for remote shifting here. In case of connection difficulties contact the dry-Run Coordinator or Igor Koronov.

Please remember: You are kindly asked to provide availabilities in order to do not overcharge both local and remote colleagues.

  • Please sign in and state your availability for remote shifts and local shifts.
  • Here you can find the shift list for the 2020 Dry-Run.
  • Daily at 13h00 (except weekends) there is a remote daily meeting
  • The presentations during the weekly meetings and any relevant documentation can be found on the Dry-Run 2020 weekly reports page.
  • Find shift instructions in the COMPASS wiki.
  • The electronic check list should be performed by the afternoon local shifter as soon as it is possible to leave the control room
  • A zoom connection to be used by remote shifters and detector experts with the control room is booked here . The passcode is written in the presentation file sent by the dry-run coordinator via email on the 4th November.

  • If order to access COMPASS twiki, shift instructions and mattermost you will need to use your CERN account where the primary computing group should be VY. If you do not have a CERN computing account, you need to register for a CERN external account by going to and following the three steps described on the web page.