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Question of the Referees:


Comments on prototypes(i.e. what has to be tested each year), plans on the availability of manpower/resources for construction, including lab. responsibilities. Comments on the possibility of replacing RICH1 with threshold Cherenkov(s) (maybe keep this possibility as a possible contingency?).


The first question is answered separately for the main components of the detectors, i.e.

  1. radiator vessels (section 3.3.1)
  2. mirror systems (section 3.3.2)
  3. radiator gas systems (section 3.3.3)
  4. photon detectors (section 3.3.4)

The second question is answered in section 3.3.5. In section 3.3.6 we summarize the status of the funding.

Lars Schmitt
Wed May 22 16:44:09 METDST 1996