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Manpower for construction and operation

For the construction, calibration and operation of the honeycomb chambers the group of Munich University (project-leader Faessler) has signed responsible. This group has requested 4 positions for the COMPASS experiment from the BMBF (Federal German Ministry for Education and Research) for the 3 year period starting from April 1997 (in addition to 2.5 MDM of investment support and to travel money).

In addition to the requested and not yet approved federal support, the university will provide support by means of positions paid by the Bavarian state for 3 physicists and 1 technician (per year) dedicated to the COMPASS experiment, i.e. taking into account other involvements of the persons who will participate in COMPASS.

The future availability of infrastructure, in particular of laboratory capacity and technical manpower still needs further clarification and coordination with other groups using the same laboratory in Garching. Therefore a detailed construction schedule is not yet available at the moment. The mechanical laboratory in Garching comprises 12 technicians and is, in principle, large enough to accommodate the set-ups needed for the construction of eleven 12-layer honeycomb chambers of the planned size (up to tex2html_wrap_inline3036 m tex2html_wrap_inline2256 ).

A test area will be provided for testing ATLAS muon chambers in one of the experimental halls of the accelerator in Garching. Presumably, this test area will be also accessible, even simultaneously with ATLAS tests, for COMPASS chambers, once they are built.

Other groups interested to participate in the construction of the COMPASS honeycomb tracking chambers are from Freiburg and Warsaw.

Lars Schmitt
Wed May 22 16:44:09 METDST 1996