Shifts for the 2018 run

Like last year, shifts are scheduled with 2 shifters. The shifts take place in the control room 892/R-D10 in building 892 from 00h00 to 08h00 (night), from 08h00 to 16h00 (day) and from 16h00 to 24h00 (evening) every day. At 16h00 there is a daily meeting in the conference room 892/1-D20.
Each shifter must have followed a training shift before starting his/her own shifts.

  • Here you can find the shift list for the 2018 run.
  • You can use CERN's shift shuttle (circuit 3) to come to your shift at the control room (and to leave).
  • The presentations during the weekly meetings and any relevant documentation can be found on the COMPASS weekly reports page.
  • Find shift instructions in the COMPASS wiki.
  • Please sign in and state your availabilities for shifts.

    Please remember: COMPASS is an experiment which runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So, if you prefer not to take night shifts, please provide a justification in the comments section. Moreover, you are kindly asked to provide availabilities for at least two week-ends.

    In order to access the signup web page you need to logon with your CERN computing account. Please select "Shifts / Your availabilities" from the menu at the top of the page in order to give your shift availabilities.
    If you do not have a CERN computing account, you need to register for a CERN external account by going to and following the three steps described on the web page. Please put your name and institution in addition to your email address into the registration form. With your newly created external account logon to Click on "[Join/leave group]" for the "compass-shifts" group and confirm that you want to add yourself as a member to the "compass-shifts" group. Your request has to be acknowledged so it might take a while until you finally will be able to logon to the shift-signup web page.
  • Here you find how many shifts are assigned to the respective institutes:
    University/Insitute Shifts Due
    AVEIRO, University of Aveiro24
    BONN, Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University120
    CALCUTTA, Matrivani Institute of Experimental Research and Education40
    DUBNA, JINR192
    FREIBURG, Albert-Ludwigs University24
    MAINZ, Johannes Gutenberg University56
    MOSCOW, Lebedev Physics Institute16
    MUNICH, Technische University128
    PRAGUE, Joined Czech group (JCzG)120
    TAIPEI, Academia Sinica32
    TEL-AVIV, University8
    TOMSK, Polytechnic University (TPU)64
    TORINO, University/INFN96
    TRIESTE, University/INFN128
    URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, University of Illinois64
    WARSAW, National Centre for Nuclear Research and University of Warsaw48
    WARSAW, Technical University40
    YAMAGATA, University72