COMPASS Run 2014

Beam in 2014: from October 6 to December 15 (Drell-Yan))


The 2014 beam is scheduled for first delivery on Monday, October 6. Beam set-up in M2 is starting later during that week.

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PS/SPS Information

Scheduled machine developments:
Start date Duration
Wed, 08. Oct 07:00 12 h
Wed, 15. Oct 07:00 12 h
Wed, 22. Oct 07:00 12 h
Tue, 28. Oct 07:00 36 h
Mon, 3. Nov 08:00 168 h
Wed, 12. Nov 07:00 12 h
Wed, 19. Nov 07:00 12 h
Tue, 25. Nov 07:00 36 h
Wed, 3. Dec 07:00 12 h
Wed, 10. Dec 07:00 12 h
Please note that these dates may change on short notice.

COMPASS Hall 888

The COMPASS experiment is located in the Experimental Hall North 2 (EHN2), building 888, on the Prevessin site of CERN.

Safety Information

Shifts during the 2014 run

Shifts are scheduled this year with 2 spectrometer shifters and 1 target shifter. The shifts take place in building 892 in the control room R-D10 from 0h to 8h (overnight), from 8h to 16h (day) and from 16h to 24h (evening) every day.

Week coordinators during the 2014 run

presentations shown at the weekly meeting



An electronic logbook is used to keep track of all information related to data taking. For the moment, the original is only available from CERN. However a mirror is also visible outside with password. The trigger rates can be followed also outside the Compass domain, on this link.


Useful phone numbers

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