COMPASS Run 2007

Beam in 2007 : from May 26 to November 11


The 2007 beam is scheduled for first delivery on Saturday, May 26. Latest news: the SPS is well in time and the beam could even be available earlier.  Compass should then close the area and give about 2 days to Lau Gatignon for beam line tuning.

The 2007 beam time extends to November 11, 2007.  A one week SPS scrubbing run is scheduled between June 11 and June 18.

This page assembles all useful information on the 2007 run

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PS/SPS Information

COMPASS Hall 888

The COMPASS experiment is located in the Experimental Hall North 2 (EHN2), building 888, on the Prevessin site of CERN.

Safety Information

Shifts during the 2007 run

Shifts are scheduled this year for the full running period. They take place in the hall 888 in the control room HNB 411 (1-014) from 0h to 8h, from 8h to 16h and from 16h to 24h every day, with reduced crew, when SPS machine developments are scheduled.

Week coordinators during the 2007 run

presentations shown at the weekly meeting

1825May week 21Oleg Denisov Report
251May/Juneweek 22Alain Magnon Report
1 8Juneweek 22Marcin Stolarski Report
815June week 23Oleg Gavrichtchuk Report
1522June week 24Davide Reggiani Report
2229June week 25Vladimir Nikolaenko Report
29 6June/July week 26Alexander Zvyagin Report
6 13July week 27Yann Bedfer Report
1320July week 28Andrea Bressan Report
2027July week 29Claude Marchand Report
2703July/August week 30Yuri Khokhlov Report
3 10August week 31Martin Faessler Report
1017August week 32Kay Konigsmann Report
1724August week 33Roland Kuhn Report
2431August week 34Alain Magnon Report
31 7Aug/September week 35Catarina Quintans Report
714September week 36 Eva-Maria Kabuss Report
1421September week 37Gerhard Mallot Report
2128September week 38Andreas Teufel Report
285Sept/October week 39Bernhard Ketzer Report
512October week 40Fabienne Kunne Report
1219October week 41Dmitri Peshekhonov Report
1926October week 42Jens Barth Report
262Oct/November week 43Reiner Geyer Report
29November week 44Krzysztof Kurek Report
911November week 45 Franck NerlingReport

The COMPASS Target



An electronic logbook is used to keep track of all information related to data taking. For the moment, the original is only available from CERN. However a mirror is also visible outside with password.
The trigger rates can be followed also outside the Compass domain, on this link.


The data are transferred to the computing centre via network and recorded on the central tape system (using CASTOR storage manager). This system is known as Central Data Recording (CDR).


Useful phone numbers (not yet updated for 2007!)

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