Beam tests in the X5 area, 5 - 19 August, 1998

Dubna prototype straw chamber, HCAL2 (IHEP), muon trigger (Mainz)

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The X5 area.
The beam enters from the right.
Dubna prototype straw chamber:
active area 2400 x 1200 mm2,
diameter of straws:
inner region 6 mm
outer region 10 mm,
readout: Freiburg cards (ASD8)
plus CAMAC TDCs.
Dubna prototype straw chamber
mounted on a scanner which
allows horizontal and
vertical movements.
Beam definition by
the silicon telescope (TU Munich).
HCAL2 modules from IHEP (black),
Punch-through for muon trigger
(concrete blocks and scintillators)

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