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COMPASS experiment

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30-June-2003COMPASS Finance Report 2003 v1.0 (ps, pdf)
4-Feb-2003update on magnetic field calculations for reduced SM1 gap: relative change of field 
and ratio of fields normalized with Bdl-ratio
17-Jan-2003specifications of the new PLC in the gas mixing area
9-Dec-2002gas bottles currently used / stored in 888, 908, 891
2-Dec-2002procedure for usage of flammable gas in detectors and gas systems
4-Oct-2002 periodic safety inspections: overpressure valves
28-August-2002COMPASS Finance Report 2002 v2.2 (ps, pdf), previous 2002 v2.0 (ps, pdf), 2001 v2.2 (ps, pdf), 2000 v1.3 (ps, pdf)
24-August-2001COMPASS member list updated with photos
some images of the detectors installed up to now
22-June-2001 New Technical Board members and minutes
22-May-2001 Installation 2001 time lines
30-Apr-2001 rack layout: general layout and occupancy of racks attached to SM2
5-Apr-2001detector naming scheme
14-Nov-2000Collab meetings: 25/26 Jan, 29/30 Mar, 14/15 Jun, 15/16 Nov 2001, 18-22 Feb 2002 Trieste,
2-Oct-2000Slides of the Technical Board Meeting 25 Sep, 2000

useful phone numbers

SPS schedule for 2001 and 2002

Meetings of the 'old' technical board

Spectrometer layout

Rack layout

Detector gases

Time lines version 1.01

Clean room specifications (ps, html)

Spectrometer magnets: SM1, SM2

Polarised target platform: report by L. Baliev

An artistic view of COMPASS (ps, gif)

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