New CORAL Patch

Dear Folks,


Today we announce the latest coral patch (rev 14124). It allows usage of features from the latest tgeant:

  • Ecal background simulation (from real data profiles)
  • Indexed binary files for adding pile-up to pile-up-less simulation (for speed up)
  • Fixed in the pixel-mm version detection by year
  • Fixes in the hodoscope channel enumeration for DY-2014/2015
  • Addition of a new coral pktopt for tgeant mc. $CORAL/src/pktopt/calorim_mc_2012_tgeant.opt
    • featuring combined reconstruction parameters for ECAL2
    • Working well with the new finely tuned gflash parameters
    • Working well with finely stepped geant shower simulation
    • Working well with a mixture of both
  • Many smaller bug fixes

We hope this helps!


Kind regards


Migration to gitlab

Dear Folks,


All good times come to an end, bad times come to an end also as it seems. With and their gitolite installation surely being the latter we are not unhappy to finally have a reason to migrate to gitlab. 

But with all good things come bad things, as this means work! Not only for us, but also for the users - possibly for you. To make this as seamless as possible, heres a quick migration guide.

A quick migration guide:

  • login at
  • send us an email with your gitlab username
  • re-clone the repository

It is entirely possible to continue to use your repository by just adding the new remote via git add remote, but as its complicated we do not recommend using this unless you know git:

Great commit and new TGEANT version

Dear TGEANT fellows!

Today we announce a great new commit to CORAL as well as a bigger TGEANT patch!

We present a whole lot of new features:

  • 2 dimensional efficiency maps for CORAL/TGEANT
  • EPIC ecal calibration
  • Several smaller bugfixes
  • Trigger hodoscope strip-wise efficiencies
  • ECAL0 for 2016
  • HEPGen++ fixes for cross sections of Rho,Phi,Omega

As the CORAL options are now plenty, we have created an overview site for them:


The 2 dimensional efficiencies and how to use them is described in the article:

2 dimensional efficiencies database

New Features and work in progress

Hey Folks!

Its time for a new update! The last week we have been busy preparing talks and therefore the updates are rather small in nature.

Heres a small list of enhancements just committed to master branch:

  • CMake now checking for C++ 11 support and enabling it
  • Removed ALL remaining root-dependencies in TGEANT (including TRandom3 which is now replaced by CLHEP::Random)
  • Signalmanagement (ctrl+c and kill) for Toolbox added
  • Finalized commentary on T4Event header for doxygen

Some notes on the C++11 feature

There will be a small documentation article about this feature for developers. 

We will require an alternative C++98 implementation for all the core features to be added before we merge them into the master branch. 

For all extra plugins to be added, we only recommend it.


Kind regards

CORAL site added

Hey Folks,

Monte carlo without reconstruction is booooring :)

So we actually have great news. Our latest additions to the documentations page and main menu is actually about demystifying CORAL - the COMPASS reconstruction tool.

To make it work with TGEANT some patches need to be applied, depending on the version you are using. To make this easier for you, we have created a list of patches, uploaded the patchfiles and wrote a how to, that will guide you through the process.

Sounds nice? Is nice! Click "read more"!


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