DATE Run Control Tutorial for COMPASS

This is an interactive tutorial to let you familiarize yourself with the COMPASS DATE Run Control. The basic steps to control data taking are the following:

  1. Connect to the active machines by pressing the connect button.
  2. Start a run by pressing the start button.
  3. Stop a run by pressing the stop button.
  4. Disconnect from the participating machines by pressing disconnect at the end of a data taking period. The tutorial is based on a set of screenshots which can explore by moving the mouse over the various zones and partly by clicking on them. Make sure your browser window is wide enough to see everything.

    Help windows will appear to explain you the function of the various elemens. White ones are just messages, yellow ones indicate, that you can click on the item. Not all items are explained in all configurations, only in a context where they are useful.

    You just start the tutorial as the real DAQ with

    and move through the windows and their configurations.

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