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Igor Konorov, Lars Schmitt, Boris Grube (TU Munich)
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COMPASS collaboration
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COMPASS TCS documentation
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This is a documentation of the COMPASS Trigger and Control System (TCS). The TCS is a multichannel optical distribution system which is able to broadcast signals to about 1000 destinations using a passive optical fibre network. The TCS broadcasts the First Level Trigger together with the belonging trigger type, event number and spill number and provides a time reference in all front-end cards with a precision of 50 ps RMS. Furthermore it generates calibration and monitoring triggers. This document contains a detailed description of the in- and output signals of the TCS electronics. It explains how the TCS basically works and how it can be configured for different setups of the detector and the data acquisition system (DAQ), but it does not cover all the details about the programs used in the FPGAs as far as they are not essential for the understanding of the system.

Also available as Postscript.

Lars Schmitt